Life and health insurance
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Your one stop resource for the following needs:

  1. Health Insurance
  2. Life Insurance
  3. Business Formation
  4. Tax consultation and tax preparation
  5. Bookkeeping

Our company works with individuals, small businesses and contractors.

Sphere Consulting LLC
About us
I'm Anastasia Pitanova, a licensed Life and Health insurance specialist, Real Estate Advisor, and financial enthusiast. Sphere Consulting is the way our team and me are offering extra support to the fantastic clients we've meet daily.

I've noticed a strong demand for solid financial planning, especially among businesses and entrepreneurs. That's where Sphere Consulting steps in – to guide you on insurance, taxes, and overall financial strategies for both personal and business life.

I'll sift through the best offers from top insurance companies to help you make the perfect choice. And I'm here to guide you every step of the way, even after the paperwork is done.
Excited to join you on the journey to financial success!

Anastasia Pitanova
Founder, Sphere Consulting LLC

"Insurance can be  easy understandable and affordable!
For everyone!"
Why it is beneficial to work with us
Expert counseling
Our expert knowledge will help in selecting right insurance packages according to the individual or business needs of the client
Comparison of different plans
Conduct a comparative analysis of different health and life insurance plans, including their coverage, physician network, limits, and cost
Help you understand the terms of the policy
Explain the terms and conditions of the policy to you, which helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures a more complete understanding of the coverage provided
Assistance with the application process
Assist with the insurance application process, ensuring that the paperwork is filled out correctly and speeding up the approval process
Monitoring changes and updates
We track changes in insurance and tax laws and regulations, notifying you of new features, benefits or changes.
Save time
We will help you save time on your research, and tax planning.
Sending an application or calling
Consultation with a specialist on choosing the best insurance tariff
Registration of insurance purchase
Consultation during the insurance work
What can we help you with?
  1. Choosing the right insurance plan for you individually, your family or for your business.
  2. Selecting a plan tailored specifically to your situation
  3. Helping to resolve any errors or mistakes that may arise at the outset
  4. Prepare tax declaration and tax plan for your financial success.
Client Responsibility
  1. Provide complete information upon request
  2. Provide documents and answers to questions upon request
  3. Payment of insurance, creation of a personal account and auto-payment registration
When to call your insurance company?
  1. If you need to change doctors
  2. If you haven't gotten your card yet and want to go to the doctor and need your insurance number
Questions to ask your doctor's office
  1. Cost of procedures and how they work with your insurance
  2. Initially, it is the client's responsibility to find out if their doctor works with a particular type of insurance and request a list of companies that are current
  3. Make an appointment time with the doctor's office
Questions and answers
Insurance companies I work with
Video content on insurance in the U.S.
Still have questions?
I'd love to answer that!
Anastasia Pitanova
Licensed Insurance Agent
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